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    What Is Giclée Printing?

    Originally known as iris printing made from IRIS printers, Giclee printing refers to digitally-reproduced printings made from inkjet printers that spray or squirt a liquid onto print paper/ canvas. The term was invented by Jack Duganne in 1991. A printmaker at the time, Jack invented the name, referring to the prints he made on large format printers. Currently, printers are available in all kinds of fashions, and Giclee has evolved to mean high-resolution inkjet prints that are generated from a digital file and printed on large format printers.

    Why Giclée Printing?

    Not only are Giclée prints made from fade-resistant, archival inks; pigment, and solvent-based, but these are also high-quality archival substrates. They have come a long way today, and improvements have been made to enhance the quality of prints. The versions of cyan and magenta used, for example, are of a lighter variation which improves color accuracy. Apart from the Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key (Black) color process that gives multiple variations of color, other material substrates such as textured vinyl, poly-cotton canvas, pure cotton, watercolor paper, and matte photo paper are also available.

    Printers That Produce Giclée Prints on Canvas

    Professional inkjet printers that typically make Gicleé prints include renowned brands like Epson, Hewlett Packard, Colorspan, and MacDermid. Being the forerunners in the printing world, they use advanced technology to produce detailed and high-quality graphics for the fine art and photography market.

    Choose Giclée Prints on Canvas

    Giclée Canvas Prints have been the ultimate choice for hundreds of photographers, artists, and even families. Not only does it produce high-quality artsy photographs to hang at home, but it also gives gallery-quality reproductions of artwork. Museums, Artists, Photographs, and other publishers of art, therefore, opt for fine art giclée prints for high-quality fine art reproductions. Choose fine art printing that promises brilliance and luminosity that will showcase your art better than any other technique available!

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    Finding The Best 24 Hour Plumber Manhattan Has To Offer

    There are countless plumbers in the Manhattan area, but they all do not offer the same level of service. Some are much more qualified than others and some provide a higher level of customer service. While you are likely facing an emergency when looking for a 24 hour plumber you do not want that urgency standing in the way of you making a good decision on which service provider to use.

    The first step is to find the options that you have near you. This can easily be done with a search online. Once you have a list of providers in your area you will want to compare their general rating. Many search engines will provide this information in the search results. It is best to never use a company that has less than a 4 out of 5 rating. Anything less shows that they have a major service related issue and you definitely do not want to experience that for yourself.

    You will then want to read through the reviews of those that have used their services in the past. Read both the positive and negative reviews. This will give you the best picture of how they are perceived by their customers. If you notice that there is a complaint that is repeated, chances are that is something that you may have to deal with if you choose to hire them. It is up to you to decide if such an issue is something you wish to avoid.

    After you have read through the reviews of your top choices you are ready to select your top 3 options. You will then want to call each of them to determine what they will charge for the service fee for coming out at an odd hour and how long of a wait you will be facing. The amount of time you can wait will clearly depend on the specific situation. For example, if you have water rushing through your home, it definitely is best to choose the provider that will be able to come to you immediately. Like many aspects, however, it really is a personal decision, especially if there is a large difference in the cost that you have been quoted.

    Making the decision of who to use is never easy when finding a new professional, and this is especially true when it comes to finding the best 24 hour plumber Manhattan has to offer. However, by putting in a little time to research your options you should be able to find a company that is known for providing a great service at a fair price. Emergency services always cost more, but that doesn’t mean that you should be forced to pay an outrageous amount either.

    Doing this research will save you a great deal in the long run. Sadly, there are scammers out there and people that really aren’t skilled in the work they claim they can do. While you may be facing an emergency, taking these steps really is in your best interest.

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    Tips for Visiting New York

    Now, if there is one thing we must laud New Yorkers is their fashion sense. After all, what do you expect of the city that is famous for fashion shows and fashion weeks? They are known to set the trend in fashion and if a New Yorker is late, be sure they’ll be fashionably late.

    New York City Fashion Sense

    However, just because you don’t live or stay in New York doesn’t mean you need to be out of place when you are in a fashion city. You too can become a fashionable New Yorker for the amount of time that you’ll spend there. How do you do that? By following some of the fashion tips that we are about to dish you.

    To start with, wear your confidence like a hat. Self-belief is key regardless of what you wear. If you wear it with confidence, trust us, people will stop on the street to stare but not in a rude way. Secondly, ensure that you accessorize your outfit with the right statement pieces. A simple dress might just need a cute little pouch, and you are good to go.

    While dressing might depend on the season – winter, summer, fall or spring – it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a fashion statement with your dressing. There are so many ways to ensure that you still stand out.

    Last but not least, go with the flow. Don’t try too much to please the crowd. Wear something that you’re comfortable in and that defines you.

    Getting Around the City

    There are many ways to get around and tour the city.  Of course the most expedient if you are by yourself or with a small group is the subway system.  A tip from the pros on this one, taking a city bus costs about $3, and will get you just as much site seeing potential as the $40 double decker buses.  Of course it won’t come with tour guides, but you can still gander at the sites around the city.

    For larger groups it may make sense to hire yourself a charter bus.  The cost for these NYC bus rentals is relatively economical when you split it among a dozen or more people, and you can a private driver with your choice of stops.  Most of these buses are meant for large parties and come equipped with coolers and bars, so you can stay “hydrated”, if you know what we mean.

    What To See When You’re Here

    NYC is the biggest tourist attraction in the country, and as such there is no shortage of things to do when you get here.  Of course there is the obvious spots to check out like the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty, but here are some less publicized spots that you can check out to feel like a real New Yorker:

    • West Village – The area below West 4th St, from 6th Avenue to the water, is one of the most beautiful and historic areas of the city.  This area of downtown dates back to the oldest days of NYC, and as such doesn’t have the “Grid” that characterizes midtown and uptown.  The winding streets and somewhat confusing navigation make wandering easy, and the character and discoveries you can find make it a joy.
    • Riverside Drive – Going from south west to north west, the Upper West Side is characterized by this long stretch of science walkway along the hudson river.  NYC has many different flavors, and the Upper West Side is certainly some of the hoitiest and toitiest, so you’ll be sure to spot some Yachts, some crew Kayaking, and the city’s only public clay tennis court.
    • Lower East Side – Another idea of how different areas of NYC can be from one another is the Lower East Side.  It’s is characterized by relatively ugly buildings, extremely divey bars, but it’s own character that is charming in a way.  Thanks to gentrification it’s got lots of excellent restaurants and wonderful spots to drop in for a treat, such as Petee’s Pie Company for a slice of Chocolate Cream Pie, or Taqueria Diana for a quick couple of tacos.

    Now, with all this in mind, go forth and enjoy!



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    The Top 8 NYC Fashion Influencers in 2018

    There are so many things that come to mind for most people when you mention New York City. From restaurants, food to a museum and so much more. But what makes the city so famous is its fashion scene and the models that adorn themselves in the designer clothes. It’s no wonder that fashion blogging has become a global phenomenon with different people – both women and men – embracing the blogging sphere to share their great fashion ideas and ensembles while offering fashion tips.

    As fashion blogging has continued to gain popularity and become an integral part of influencing people, it’s no wonder that New York City is actually home to most of the upcoming or already established bloggers. From giving you tips on the best beauty buys to chatting about their favourite spot, fashion blogging has evolved so much. To keep up, below are several bloggers you can follow if you want to get tips on how you can slay.

    Astute Attire – Mustafa Kacar

    Astute Attire

    If you’re a man and looking for tips and some advice on fashion style, then you should check out the Astute Attire blog by Mustafa Kacar. With over 200,000 followers on Instagram, Mustafa offers style inspiration that most men out there will die to have. In his blogs, he wears and supports some of the most elegant menswear brands. He is all about the New York City lifestyle from shopping, eating to finding the best coffee shops in town. The NYC streets have seen him dressed in enough suits just as they have with him dressed in turtlenecks with flannel coats.

    Visit Mustafa’s site here: http://astuteattire.com/

    Mimosas & Manhattan – Courtney and Kelly

    mimosas and manhattan

    Courtney and Kelly are two fashionable cousins that run the Mimosas & Manhattan blog – a fashion and style blog. The two cousins have gained rapid popularity in both Brooklyn and New York City. Their killer styles are always matched and on point coupled with a great attitude. While they both have their own personal fashion sense as can be seen on photos of both of them from their website as well as Instagram, their looks kind of complement each other. If you’re looking for some style inspiration, be sure to check their colorful and crisp photos, and you might learn a thing or two if not dozens that’ll keep you coming back.

    Visit their site here: http://www.mimosasmanhattan.com/

    Color Me Courtney – Courtney Quinn

    Color Me Courtney

    While most of us love colorful outfits, we always struggle finding a balance or what to wear it with. But not with Courtney. Her blog, Color Me Courtney, is such a colorful blog that just sets you in the mood to dump all your clothes in a bag and go shopping for bright colored clothes that will make any dull person’s day bright. Her blog, besides giving you all the colorful style inspiration that you need, also details tits and bits about her life and favorite TV shows. If you want some colorful style inspirations be sure to check out her blog. Besides, you can also shop some of her colorful outfits from her blog.

    Visit Courtney’s site here: http://www.colormecourtney.com/

    Olivia Jeanette – Olivia Trewatha

    Olivia Jeanette

    Most women struggle with getting that chic uber look especially when it comes to the corporate working life that still makes a fashion statement. But not with Olivia. She has been able to blend the trendy street style with the corporate fashion. Why? Because as a woman, she understands how hard it can be trying to blend the two styles together. Her style, as can be seen from the numerous photos on her website and Instagram, is a mix of both that creates a bold yet chic fashion statement. You can also buy some of the outfits she wears from her website. Head over to her website and get yourself that corporate look that is trendy and corporate.

    Visit Olivia’s site here: http://oliviajeanette.com/

    Scout Sixteen – Justin Livingston

    Scout Sixteen

    Teenage years can be quite tricky. A lot is going on, and for most people, this is the time they start establishing their own fashion style as they no longer need their parents to make decisions about what they can wear. Hailing from East Village, Justin’s blog is a lifestyle blog that shows you how to live your best life while looking elegant. His sense of fashion is great for men who are in their teen and twenties.

    Visit Justin’s site here: http://scoutsixteen.com/

    Lexicon of Style – Alexandra Dieck

    Lexicon of Style

    Alexandra is both a blogger and a fashion designer. She started her blog so as to combine her love and passion for three things: designing, styling, and blogging. She designs silk scarves that can be adorned with most outfits and can be purchased on her blog. This also helps complete her bold fashion style. Her style can be defined as spunky and fun making it the perfect style for the NYC streets. Her mission is to have women unite and find the inspiration to express themselves through fashion among other things.

    Visit Alexandra’s site here: http://lexiconofstyle.co/

    He Spoke Style – Brian Sacawa

    He Spoke Style

    Brian’s style is for any suave man that has a corporate job and would like to look dapper. He has an elegant corporate look that is also trendy for the streets of NYC. Brian’s interest in blogging about fashion trends started out as a need to fill the gap that he noticed in the menswear style inspiration. And so his journey of blogging about his own sharp style started as he was a bicycle racer and musician. He features a lot of tips for men on his blog from how to trim eyebrows, dressing for black tie events to adorning the perfect watch.

    Visit Brian’s site here: http://hespokestyle.com/

    My Stiletto Life – Tillie Adelson

    My Stiletto Life

    While most people set out to do a lifestyle blog, Tillie didn’t. For her, it was about documenting her personal style through imagery and writing in San Francisco, her hometown. She would finally move to New York City where her blog fully evolved into a lifestyle blog that covered both her style as well as food, travel and the city of New York in general. Most of her photos are usually snapped in front of some of her favorite NYC coffee shop or eatery while dressed in trendy pieces that are classically paired with stilettos.

    Visit Tillie’s site here: http://mystilettolife.com/