Tips for Visiting New York

Now, if there is one thing we must laud New Yorkers is their fashion sense. After all, what do you expect of the city that is famous for fashion shows and fashion weeks? They are known to set the trend in fashion and if a New Yorker is late, be sure they’ll be fashionably late.

New York City Fashion Sense

However, just because you don’t live or stay in New York doesn’t mean you need to be out of place when you are in a fashion city. You too can become a fashionable New Yorker for the amount of time that you’ll spend there. How do you do that? By following some of the fashion tips that we are about to dish you.

To start with, wear your confidence like a hat. Self-belief is key regardless of what you wear. If you wear it with confidence, trust us, people will stop on the street to stare but not in a rude way. Secondly, ensure that you accessorize your outfit with the right statement pieces. A simple dress might just need a cute little pouch, and you are good to go.

While dressing might depend on the season – winter, summer, fall or spring – it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a fashion statement with your dressing. There are so many ways to ensure that you still stand out.

Last but not least, go with the flow. Don’t try too much to please the crowd. Wear something that you’re comfortable in and that defines you.

Getting Around the City

There are many ways to get around and tour the city.  Of course the most expedient if you are by yourself or with a small group is the subway system.  A tip from the pros on this one, taking a city bus costs about $3, and will get you just as much site seeing potential as the $40 double decker buses.  Of course it won’t come with tour guides, but you can still gander at the sites around the city.

For larger groups it may make sense to hire yourself a charter bus.  The cost for these NYC bus rentals is relatively economical when you split it among a dozen or more people, and you can a private driver with your choice of stops.  Most of these buses are meant for large parties and come equipped with coolers and bars, so you can stay “hydrated”, if you know what we mean.

What To See When You’re Here

NYC is the biggest tourist attraction in the country, and as such there is no shortage of things to do when you get here.  Of course there is the obvious spots to check out like the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty, but here are some less publicized spots that you can check out to feel like a real New Yorker:

  • West Village – The area below West 4th St, from 6th Avenue to the water, is one of the most beautiful and historic areas of the city.  This area of downtown dates back to the oldest days of NYC, and as such doesn’t have the “Grid” that characterizes midtown and uptown.  The winding streets and somewhat confusing navigation make wandering easy, and the character and discoveries you can find make it a joy.
  • Riverside Drive – Going from south west to north west, the Upper West Side is characterized by this long stretch of science walkway along the hudson river.  NYC has many different flavors, and the Upper West Side is certainly some of the hoitiest and toitiest, so you’ll be sure to spot some Yachts, some crew Kayaking, and the city’s only public clay tennis court.
  • Lower East Side – Another idea of how different areas of NYC can be from one another is the Lower East Side.  It’s is characterized by relatively ugly buildings, extremely divey bars, but it’s own character that is charming in a way.  Thanks to gentrification it’s got lots of excellent restaurants and wonderful spots to drop in for a treat, such as Petee’s Pie Company for a slice of Chocolate Cream Pie, or Taqueria Diana for a quick couple of tacos.

Now, with all this in mind, go forth and enjoy!



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