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    The Top 8 NYC Fashion Influencers in 2018

    There are so many things that come to mind for most people when you mention New York City. From restaurants, food to a museum and so much more. But what makes the city so famous is its fashion scene and the models that adorn themselves in the designer clothes. It’s no wonder that fashion blogging has become a global phenomenon with different people – both women and men – embracing the blogging sphere to share their great fashion ideas and ensembles while offering fashion tips.

    As fashion blogging has continued to gain popularity and become an integral part of influencing people, it’s no wonder that New York City is actually home to most of the upcoming or already established bloggers. From giving you tips on the best beauty buys to chatting about their favourite spot, fashion blogging has evolved so much. To keep up, below are several bloggers you can follow if you want to get tips on how you can slay.

    Astute Attire – Mustafa Kacar

    Astute Attire

    If you’re a man and looking for tips and some advice on fashion style, then you should check out the Astute Attire blog by Mustafa Kacar. With over 200,000 followers on Instagram, Mustafa offers style inspiration that most men out there will die to have. In his blogs, he wears and supports some of the most elegant menswear brands. He is all about the New York City lifestyle from shopping, eating to finding the best coffee shops in town. The NYC streets have seen him dressed in enough suits just as they have with him dressed in turtlenecks with flannel coats.

    Visit Mustafa’s site here:

    Mimosas & Manhattan – Courtney and Kelly

    mimosas and manhattan

    Courtney and Kelly are two fashionable cousins that run the Mimosas & Manhattan blog – a fashion and style blog. The two cousins have gained rapid popularity in both Brooklyn and New York City. Their killer styles are always matched and on point coupled with a great attitude. While they both have their own personal fashion sense as can be seen on photos of both of them from their website as well as Instagram, their looks kind of complement each other. If you’re looking for some style inspiration, be sure to check their colorful and crisp photos, and you might learn a thing or two if not dozens that’ll keep you coming back.

    Visit their site here:

    Color Me Courtney – Courtney Quinn

    Color Me Courtney

    While most of us love colorful outfits, we always struggle finding a balance or what to wear it with. But not with Courtney. Her blog, Color Me Courtney, is such a colorful blog that just sets you in the mood to dump all your clothes in a bag and go shopping for bright colored clothes that will make any dull person’s day bright. Her blog, besides giving you all the colorful style inspiration that you need, also details tits and bits about her life and favorite TV shows. If you want some colorful style inspirations be sure to check out her blog. Besides, you can also shop some of her colorful outfits from her blog.

    Visit Courtney’s site here:

    Olivia Jeanette – Olivia Trewatha

    Olivia Jeanette

    Most women struggle with getting that chic uber look especially when it comes to the corporate working life that still makes a fashion statement. But not with Olivia. She has been able to blend the trendy street style with the corporate fashion. Why? Because as a woman, she understands how hard it can be trying to blend the two styles together. Her style, as can be seen from the numerous photos on her website and Instagram, is a mix of both that creates a bold yet chic fashion statement. You can also buy some of the outfits she wears from her website. Head over to her website and get yourself that corporate look that is trendy and corporate.

    Visit Olivia’s site here:

    Scout Sixteen – Justin Livingston

    Scout Sixteen

    Teenage years can be quite tricky. A lot is going on, and for most people, this is the time they start establishing their own fashion style as they no longer need their parents to make decisions about what they can wear. Hailing from East Village, Justin’s blog is a lifestyle blog that shows you how to live your best life while looking elegant. His sense of fashion is great for men who are in their teen and twenties.

    Visit Justin’s site here:

    Lexicon of Style – Alexandra Dieck

    Lexicon of Style

    Alexandra is both a blogger and a fashion designer. She started her blog so as to combine her love and passion for three things: designing, styling, and blogging. She designs silk scarves that can be adorned with most outfits and can be purchased on her blog. This also helps complete her bold fashion style. Her style can be defined as spunky and fun making it the perfect style for the NYC streets. Her mission is to have women unite and find the inspiration to express themselves through fashion among other things.

    Visit Alexandra’s site here:

    He Spoke Style – Brian Sacawa

    He Spoke Style

    Brian’s style is for any suave man that has a corporate job and would like to look dapper. He has an elegant corporate look that is also trendy for the streets of NYC. Brian’s interest in blogging about fashion trends started out as a need to fill the gap that he noticed in the menswear style inspiration. And so his journey of blogging about his own sharp style started as he was a bicycle racer and musician. He features a lot of tips for men on his blog from how to trim eyebrows, dressing for black tie events to adorning the perfect watch.

    Visit Brian’s site here:

    My Stiletto Life – Tillie Adelson

    My Stiletto Life

    While most people set out to do a lifestyle blog, Tillie didn’t. For her, it was about documenting her personal style through imagery and writing in San Francisco, her hometown. She would finally move to New York City where her blog fully evolved into a lifestyle blog that covered both her style as well as food, travel and the city of New York in general. Most of her photos are usually snapped in front of some of her favorite NYC coffee shop or eatery while dressed in trendy pieces that are classically paired with stilettos.

    Visit Tillie’s site here: